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 Once in awhile there comes a talent that just stands out. Guitarist Mike walker is that “Once in awhile.” ….Spencer Brown Review

Guitarist Mike Walker is everything one would expect from someone who cites his musical influences as being B.B. King, George Benson, and Norman Brown. ….Smooth Jazz Therapy Radio


Ron of Radio Station The smooth Jazz in Orlando Florida stated Mike embraces R&B and smooth jazz while incorporating a little ‘southern soul.’ It’s a captivating difference.” Merging smooth — or contemporary — jazz and R&B is nothing new. The two have been bedfellows for awhile now. Still, everything about the press sheet boldly boasts of the truth. Walker is the real deal, and his debut release, A Smoother You, stands up proudly to proclaim that.

His guitar delivery is fresh and his original material bearing a slight resemblance to the smoothness of George Benson and the tone of Kenny Burrell. As one of his songs states, his “sweet swag” is bound to make Walker a name you’ll soon see among the who’s who in contemporary jazz.

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